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Quattro Theory

is a collection of wines that bring together four defining elements to capture the truest expression of Napa Valley:

Quattro Theory Landon Donley winemaker

Element 1


Wines that are complex and beautifully balanced upon release, an authentic portrayal of Napa Valley, vintage and varietal.

Quattro Theory vineyard scene

Element 2

Quality Vineyards

The best vineyards are both inspiration and source, where climate, soil, clones and farming practices result in exceptional fruit that reveals a story of place in the finished wine.

Quattro Theory winery dial on tank

Element 3

Precision Winemaking

A thousand decisions, large and small, but each made with intention and minimal intervention to accentuate the vineyard, natural aromatics and varietal character.

Quattro Theory carafe of wine with wine glasses

Element 4


Wines that are vibrant, fresh and impeccably balanced, making them well suited for good company or good food—and making the second glass as interesting and inviting as the first.

[ QUATTRO THEORY, noun: An ideal set of four elements combined to deliver an exceptional wine. ]